16 Nov

Virtual Banking Resources

Posted by : Dougie Morris

Banks are institutions designed to serve as a place for consumers to store, save, and borrow money. The banking system in the United States is quite large, and there are thousands of different, independent banks all over the country. These banks use interest rates and other factors to help them determine how much credit they can extend or how much money they can lend to their customers. Banks go as far back as ancient Rome and can be traced to around the 3rd century AD. Money-changing served as a way for people to establish themselves and provide security for their families. Today, the banking industry is a worldwide complexity that is highly regulated, designed to provide customers and business with a means to manage their money.

Banking Associations

  • American Bankers Association – This group offers information, support, and regulatory updates for the consumer and the professional.
  • IIB – The Institute for International Bankers gives information to advance the interests of the International banking community within the United States.
  • US House Banking Committee – US government division that regulates and oversees the everyday workings of the banking system.
  • Financial Services Roundtable – A think tank that helps to analyze and influence current banking policies.

Government Agencies & Related Entities

  • Federal Reserve Board of Governors – The Federal Reserve often determines national interest rates; here, all board members join together to determine policy.
  • Securities & Exchange Commission – The SEC regulates trade and stocks, and oversees investments.
  • General Accounting Office – This division of the government observes current accounting of the US budget, and ensures that Congress is using money properly.
  • CBO – The Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan group that takes a deeper look at how Congress spends money, and provides feedback to ensure monies are being used in the right places.
  • Farm Credit Administration – This entity helps to provide financial support and lending to farmers and agriculturalists in the United States.
  • US Tax Code – Information every American and business should be aware of – the most current IRS tax code.
  • FDIC – The FDIC insures all deposits for Americans; find out more about its operations on their home website.

Federal Reserve Bank Maps

  • Main Districts – This map highlights the major districts of the Federal Reserve Bank in the US.
  • Simple Map – A color-coded map that divides the districts by number.

Journals and Scholarly Publications

  • The Wall Street Journal – Perhaps the most widely recognized financial journal of all time.
  • Fortune Magazine – A magazine that focuses on the business owner and their success.
  • Forbes – Dedicated to America’s most outstanding leaders in business.
  • JBR – The Journal of Banking Regulation focuses on current monetary policy and currency regulations.
  • Journal of Banking & Finance – A professional journal with a focus on capital markets and financial regulations.
  • Wiley-Blackwell – A journal of money, credit, and banking.
  • Public Policy Journals – A number of different journals and articles that discuss public banking and economic policy.
  • Harvard Economics Journal – This page links to several different journals from the Harvard School of Economics.

Other Banking Links

  • Bankrate – A helpful consumer site with current rates, easy to use calculators, informative articles, and more.
  • Bank Lending – A recent article about bank lending and why it has decreased in recent years.
  • Bank Information Center – Monitoring the activities of banks all over the globe.
  • NIC – The National Information Center gives insight into the operations of the Federal Reserve System.
  • Fair Tax – A group of people dedicated to ensuring that Americans are taxed fairly and properly.


  • Economics E-Journal – Online journal devoted to all things relating to the economy.
  • The Economist – This publication explores the economy, our current volatile system, banking worldwide, and much more.
  • Dow Jones Index – Quick link to the current Dow Jones Index.
  • NASDAQ – Home page for the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange – The country’s largest home for securities and commodities exchanges.
  • Today’s Interest Rates – Click here to get a daily update on current loan and mortgage interest rates, as well as rates for bonds.
  • US Bureau of Economic Data – This government institution gathers up economic data and allows public access to it.
  • The Economy at a Glance – This page shows unemployment rates, average earnings, and more.
  • US Debt Clock – Real time clock that shows the current US debt.

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