14 Nov

An Advocate and Mediator for Fair Debt Collection Practices


Late on your personal loan. Getting debt collectors calling you 24/7 or are collectors even showing up at your house? Well you have rights and if you think you are being treated unfairly by debt collectors, call The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.

The ACA International is a third-party trade organization for third-party debt collection agencies, attorneys, creditors, asset buyers and vendors. With over 5,500 members the ACA is dedicated in making sure its members stay compliant to all the current legislative polices on collection practices, including both state and federal laws.

Currently the ACA is dedicated to providing resources and clarification for its members (debt collectors, etc.) to keep up with current legislation, so that their members can operate in the highest ethical standards. They also keep tabs on best practices, conduct training and compliance sessions and of course lobby for their rights and favorable legislation to their industry.

If you have recently been harassed by a debt collector, feel free to visit the ACA’s website to check if they are a member of this organization. If they are, you may begin formally filing a complaint. The ACA will then investigate their actions in relations to the code of conduct and go from their. If the company is not a member, they will still do their best to forward that complaint to the nonmember and encourage them to take part in joining the ACA. If nonmembers do not reply the complaint WILL be forwarded to the FTC. Click here to read an official copy of theFair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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